A Flurry Of Content

So, it’s been a while!

I’ve been busy though and have some things to share with you at least. A new and exciting draft is complete that I’ve not spoken about before, but I’ll leave discussing that in depth until next time. Also, above you can see the German cover for Frosfire (re-titled back to Frostsliver), and I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a good addition to the set! It’s coming out October 31st, if German language versions are your thing! I can report that a US audiobook version narrated by Catherine Ho is on the way along with the October 1st hardcover release and is up for pre-order over at Audible and probably other places too.

In advance of that US release I’ve been making a few YouTube videos to compliment it. A couple of readings, some behind the scenes and worldbuilding techniques and the like. I’ve linked a few below, and will probably do another post talking about others in the near future. If people like these, please do let me know – they take a fair bit of time to do, so I want to be sure that there’s an audience for them. Enjoy, if you can!

My silly face saying silly words…
A reading by me, far less professional than the real audiobook will be…
More silly words about that chapter I read above…

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