The End – ish (and a half)


So, I didn’t post about finishing the draft of The Pillars of Being, because I didn’t finish. Sort of.

Technically, an end was reached, but some gaps were left in getting there. It’s not that the book won’t work in the end, but it’s going to need a little beating into shape. As a break before having to deal with that problem, I’ve got half way through the next draft – Plaguewalkers.

It’s a tale of mystery and horror in a Venice-like fantasy city besieged by a magical plague. A group of Morbetzia’s underclass must descend into its underworld to find out who or what is strangling the life from the city’s people.

Of course, the bigger news (already shared on Twitter), is my signing with the Blair Partnership Literary Agency. They’ve got a great reputation, a great history (they’re J K Rowling’s agents) and I’m looking forward to working with them to bring the books of Infinite Sea to the world. With luck, there will be more news to share soon!