The Big News

So, I’ve not had much to say for a bit. There’s a good reason for that.

I now say that not only am I signed up with The Blair Partnership as my agents, but I have also signed with Chicken House Books, and they will be publishing my debut novel next year.

Frostsliver (final title to be determined) is a survival adventure taking place on a sentient glacier.

It is a tale of overcoming the odds, personal limitations and the mountain itself. Magic, gunpowder, monsters and more conspire to try and prevent a girl from reaching home and perhaps saving more lives than just her own.

Sabira is chosen for the honour of bonding a Frostsliver, an intelligent fragment of the living Glacier that spills from the top of her mountain home. Unsure of herself after decisions made years ago, she is forced to come to terms with her personal demons when she is trapped on the mountainside.

The only hope for her is to take up the power and responsibility of a Frostsliver and survive both the mountain’s extreme conditions and perhaps something worse – all assuming she can first get used to the voice of a glacier sounding in her head.

I can’t imagine having a better team to help bring this story – and hopefully many others in future – to bookshelves soon.