I offer full day school visits comprising an assembly and a number of workshops focused on writing and world-building skills. The sessions can be flexible, and tuned to your needs, with up to four in a day, split among groups as you prefer. Advised age groups would be from Year 5 to Year 8 in groups of 30 or under, but a little outside these bounds could be accommodated in some circumstances. Mixed age groups are fine, but the closer the class are to each other in ability, the smoother the session will go.

I will work with you in advance of any booking, getting information about range of ability in the students and your own needs so the visit can be tailored to suit. I will also provide supporting material, such as details about myself as an author if requested.

‘The visit really inspired our Year Five and Six children, who have been avidly reading Frostfire since you came.  Having a ‘real author’ in school was so exciting! They enjoyed the writing session, which made them work together, think creatively about other worlds and enabled them to begin designing their own.  Afterwards, all have been keen to further develop the ideas into writing of their own. The morning didn’t seem long enough for them and many parents gave us very positive feedback about much their children had enjoyed the day. The children’s only problem was choosing between the gorgeous red or blue covers!’Duddon School, Cheshire

‘Frostfire never has a dull moment. There is always action or a problem to solve.  In the book, Sabira is a very strong character, although she has fears like everyone else.  I really enjoyed Frostfire and would recommend it to anyone who wants something unique.’ – Conor, Year 5

‘When you came into school, we had fun.  I liked the images you showed us to help us write.  Also, I liked the slideshow and your talk about the process of writing your book, and the competition you entered which helped to get your book published.  I found learning about the process really interesting.’ – Misho, Year 6

Assembly – A presentation that can be tuned to between 10 minutes and 1 hour depending on your needs. A tour of how I became an author, and the process of getting published, followed by discussion of the fantasy genre and how it can be more than many expect.

Workshops – Sessions of approximately 1 hour, focused on the process of creativity and based around showing the children how they can invent a fantasy world. Setting, character, narrative and general writing skills can all be worked on, depending on your needs and the structure of the visit. If you want the children to come away with finished pieces, or partial work, we can talk about how that can best be achieved.

I offer full day visits – or half day if a suitable nearby partner can be found for the other half. Rates will follow Society of Authors guidelines, and their advice can be found here. It’s absolutely worthwhile stuff, so I really advise giving it a read if you plan to book any author.

I am based in Staffordshire, and would prefer bookings as local as possible but may be able to accommodate schools further in the North West in certain circumstances. Travel expenses are payable by the school.

If your interest is still piqued, don’t hesitate to contact me here to inquire about booking a visit, or with any further questions.