New Frontiers

First update of the year, and there’s actually a decent amount of news! Not sure if that will be true every month, so some of these posts may end up more focused on writing tips or similar – we’ll see.

For now though, I can confirm that US publication of Frostfire is set for October, the excellent new cover for which by Geneva Bowers is at the top of this post.

That leads nicely on to the sequel I’ve been working on, Embershard. No official news yet, but the first draft is done and my next pass should be done soon. I’ll be giving Sandtide an edit pass soon after, most likely, and we’ll see how well liked they are! More news soon, with luck.

Lastly, I’ve written a short story for this competition. I don’t expect to come close to winning in a field of one thousand, but I was interested in the challenge. It’s something a bit different than I’ve done before, as I’ve focused on novel length work previously. When the competition is over near the end of the year I may share it online, we’ll see. Certainly I’ll say a few more words about it at some point.

So, on to the next thing, with hopefully as much news again next month!