News About News

This month, I have news, but most of it is about things that cannot yet be shown. Frustrating, but there are worse problems to have.

Most frustrating of all is waiting for royalties and sales figures to tick in. They should be imminent, but if you aren’t in the publishing industry, you might be surprised to learn that I have no idea quite when they will arrive. It’s a strange business to be in, especially when I’ve worked in technology companies for so long. There, figures are always just a few clicks away – here, the knowledge takes months to arrive, and is out of date even then! Still, I shouldn’t complain – these funds, when they do arrive, may let me focus more on writing and less on my day job.

I’ll be off on another school visit shortly, doing world building workshops for World Book Day. If you work at a school and would like to book me for an event, please click here for details. I’m quite flexible, and even if you’re not certain your needs match what I do, do contact me – we may be able to work something out.

In other news, I’ve seen the cover of the German version of Frostfire, which is penciled in for release at the end of the year. Can’t show it just yet, but it’s another good one, in yet another style! I think I’ve been very lucky with covers, in that I like all of them so far, for different reasons.

Work continues on the sequels to Frostfire, with the third book drafted to the half way point, and the second book already gone through a redraft. Can’t announce anything firm on these yet, but perhaps in a few months!

Lastly, I don’t believe I’ve mentioned her before, but the audiobook version of Frostfire is on the way too, which I’m really looking forward to. I listen to a lot of my books, so having this will be quite a treat!

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