2019 – A Plan

Year end. My first as a published author, if only two months of it. I made a plan for this one, and I think I’m going to do so each year, to keep people up to date and to keep myself on track.

So, first things first, how did the last plan turn out? Frostfire was released and seems to be doing well enough (so far as I can tell), so that’s the big thing out of the way!

I didn’t follow the plan too strongly with the rest though. Plaguewalkers got edited, but Stormspinner didn’t. Shelter in Shadow got mostly drafted, but not entirely. Sandtide was fully drafted, but only moderate work was done on more Folded Land stories. I did however draft the sequel to Frostfire, Embershard, though, so I’m fairly pleased with my progress on the whole.

Where does that leave me for the next year then? Still finishing a couple of outstanding tasks, as previously mentioned, but also probably drafting the potential third Frostfire book, Dustdevil. It’d be nice to get the Folded Land fully drafted, but that might be too much to ask. I’ll probably have a go at something new as well, possibly my idea for a fantasy young adult dystopian tale, The Glass Schism. It’s a world with magic forged into glass sculptures and one in which one wrong word of dissent against the ruling regime can bring instant death on the speaker.

See you in the new year, and hopefully I’ll start hitting some of these marks!

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