It’s finally that time! After more than three years of writing, editing and generally fretting about getting the book ready, Frostfire is actually going out into the world. Official release day is the 1st of November, but a trickle of people have already got their hands on it through whatever nefarious means they prefer. Hopefully it’s going down well, and will continue to do so!

If you haven’t already and would like to purchase it, Frostfire is available at:

Book Depository

In other news the launch party for the book is going to be on Friday November 2nd at Waterstones Stafford. Stop in if you’re in the neighbourhood – I’ll be signing books, talking about them a little and generally being present. There will be wine and cakes if that swings your decision!

Finally, as the banner at the top suggests, I’m going to be doing some streaming on Twitch this coming month. Starting Thursday 1st and continuing Monday 5th, Friday 9th and on the following Mondays and Fridays I will be writing live on the internet over on Expect a fresh fantasy story, possibly partially directed by you the viewers (depending on who shows up). There will definitely be signed book giveaways each week, and guest authors joining in too. Questions and answers from chat probable!

Hopefully it’ll be a fun time that people might learn a thing or two from as well! Hey, if there’s more than a handful of you there, I’ll certainly be happy…

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